2017 Elections – City

Dennis Allen, Farmington City


Dennis Allen is the GIS & IT Administrator for Farmington City.  He has been involved in GIS for the last 9 years filling the following additional roles:  GIS Manager at Vivint Internet, GIS Specialist III at Brigham City, GIS Technician/Intern at Box Elder County, and Private GIS Consultant.  Dennis received his BS degree in Geography with a minor in Geospatial Analysis from Weber State University.


I love GIS and I love learning!  For me, UGIC does more than satisfy both of these loves.  Each time I attend the conference, I am able to continue to expand my knowledge and understanding of GIS, and always take away something that I can implement in my own work.  I would be thrilled to be able to give back by serving as a part of the UGIC board.

Shawn Beecher, Spanish Fork City


I am Shawn Beecher.  I am the GIS Administrator at Spanish Fork and have been since 2003.  I have been involved in GIS for over 20 years.  I received my GISP in 2011.  While studying GIS and Cartography at BYU (1996-1998) I worked for the LDS Church as an intern digitizing road networks for cities in South America.  After graduating with a BS from BYU, I moved to Springfield, MO where I worked on my masters at SMSU and worked for Springfield City as an intern doing application development, training, and GIS services.  Upon leaving Springfield I got a job with a Private Engineering Firm in 2000 doing GIS consulting, GIS training, and application development.  I moved to Logan, UT in 2002 as a GIS Specialist for 6 months before moving to Spanish Fork where I am currently the only full-time GIS person doing everything GIS, IT, and more.


I have really enjoyed the UGIC community and all they offer.  After coming to my first UGIC Conference in 2010 in Moab, UT I wanted to come back as many times as Spanish Fork would allow me.  I feel the networking, knowledge, experience, comradery, and more that we get at these conferences is huge.  I have felt for many years the need to give back to the community that has given me so much.  I feel this is my way to do that.  We at UGIC have a phenomenal group of people of which I am glad to be a part.

Clint Hutchings, City of West Jordan


Soon after I graduated with a BS in Business Information Systems, I was introduced to GIS in 2000 while working for ADOT at the Traffic Operations Center. It was love at first click! Oh the lines, polygons, points, I couldn’t get enough of it! I moved home to Utah in 2001 to help UDOT’s Traffic Operations Center prepare for the 2002 Olympics. In 2006, I went to work for the City of West Jordan as the GIS administrator. In 2006, my team consisted of one other person and myself. 11 years later, we have 8 people plus 2 Interns on my team. It has been my goal to promote GIS to our City government by showing them the power and potential of GIS. We don’t wait for a request to come in to our department, we proactively seek ways to help all the departments in the city. I am passionate about helping GIS students and graduates move on to getting their careers established. I have been able to develop a successful GIS Intern program. In the past 8 years, we have helped dozens of Interns secure meaningful employment around the world. Our team has won a handful of awards the past few years including a SAG award from ESRI which was presented to us personally by Jack Dangermond. I have served as the Employee Association President for 3 consecutive years. Currently, I serve on the Employee Review Appeal Board and the SLCC GIST Program Advisory Committee.


Top 10 List of why I want to be on the UGIC Board:

  1. I have organized many large events of 500 + people.
  2.  I am proud of my profession and love to promote what we do.
  3. I come to meetings prepared, on time and don’t leave early.
  4. I will be able to stretch all of my intellectual and emotional muscles. Board service at its best will allow me to bring my full self to the organization – my emotional connection to the work, my commitment to the overall sector, my life experience, my skills, and the good head I have on my shoulders.
  5. I will meet interesting people who will add to my sphere of influence. I will be enriched by being in their company.
  6. I will have an experience that enriches my resume. OK, this one is a bit selfish.
  7. I will enjoy sitting around a table with a group of smart and passionate folks pontificating. I’m quite certain I will be the one learning. I love to pontificate.
  8. I will have another excuse to skip the gym.
  9. I know how to play nicely in the sandbox (even Stan McShinsky’s very cool sand box). This is about diplomacy and making sure my colleagues get their say (even if I think my comment said it all). The very best board members are teams.
  10.  I have been a member of UGIC for 15 years. It’s my turn to give back.

Stan McShinsky, Provo City


Stan McShinsky is a GIS Web Developer for Provo City. Stan enjoys building interesting maps like puzzles, augmented reality sandboxes, mazes and map art. Currently Stan develops web applications for various projects in the city. Previously he worked in the energy department at Provo City managing a fiber network and power grid data.  He also has experience with the UTOPIA project in managing fiber networks around Utah. He graduated from BYU. Stan likes to play softball, go geocaching and beekeeping.


For me, GIS is not just a job but a way of life. I see the different needs of those around me from coworkers to customers and I look for a way to fill that need through maps. By having a position on the board I believe I can clearly see the bigger picture and needs of those I come in contact with. I consistently push myself to improve my skills and learn new things.  I like to think outside the box and believe I can bring a fresh perspective. Many GIS professionals have helped me along the way–from getting an internship to troubleshooting projects. I would appreciate the opportunity to be on the board and have a way to contribute to the GIS community myself.

Michael Philp, Springville City


Michael Philp has been involved in GIS for about 18 years.  One of these days I’m going to figure out what I do for a living! After graduating in GIS from BYU, he was hired at Maricopa County Department of Emergency Management in Phoenix, Arizona. While there he learned the value of timely and accurate spatial information. In Arizona, he was involved in several emergency management and GIS professional organizations. After 5 years with Maricopa County, Michael accepted a position as the GIS Administrator at Springville City, Utah.  Currently he has responsibility for all GIS operations at Springville City. Throughout his career, Michael has learned that one of the greatest resources we have as GIS professionals is the community of colleagues around us. Michael has great respect for the GIS community in Utah; many of you are his close friends. There are very talented professionals here and he values his associations with each of you.


I have served on the UGIC board for the last three years.  I really enjoy working with the great people on the board.  Board members selflessly give of their time and efforts to make UGIC a rich and valuable organization… year round, not just at the conference.  I assure you that they really do care and they really do work hard.  I’d love to continue to represent my Utah municipal GIS colleagues as the City representative on the UGIC Board.  However, I’d also love to see new perspectives on the UGIC Board so feel free to vote for someone new!  Whether on the UGIC board, or just as a UGIC member, I’m committed to serving in this organization.  I’m proud to be part of UGIC as a professional organization and more so I value my personal associations with each of you.

2017 Elections – At-Large

Aaron Austin, Utah Division of Water Resources


Aaron graduated from Weber State University in 2006 with a BA in Business Administration. Since that time he has worked as a GIS Analyst for the Utah Division of Water Resources (DWRe).  In June 2014, he founded the Utah Water Data Users Group (UWDUG) and has been acting as Board Chair since that time. Recently Aaron was named the Lead GIS Analyst for DWRe and participates in the regular meetings of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) GIS Coordination Group. He currently manages the Water-Related Land Use Program at DWRe and is overseeing a major update to the program which seeks to produce yearly statewide agricultural boundary and crop type data. This program update project was selected as the Grand Prize Winner for the 2016 DNR GIS Return on Investment Contest. He has been a regular attendee and presenter at UGIC and has also had the opportunity to attend the ESRI Users Conference on multiple occasions. He admits that he spends way too much time on Facebook, but one thing he does there that he hopes is of value is to maintain and post regularly to the GIS, Maps and More group he created in 2014. In his free time he enjoys cheering on the Utah Jazz and watching classic films, new releases and everything in between. Aaron and his wife are the proud parents of 3 energetic boys. They currently reside in Kaysville Utah.


I’m honored to be nominated to run for the UGIC Board. I have been privileged to attend UGIC conferences and meetings since my earliest days in the GIS career field and have seen the positive impact it has had for our profession in Utah and for the careers of its participants. During my studies in Business Administration at Weber State I had an interest in logistics and the push for ongoing improvements. It has been great to find a home in GIS and go to work answering important questions and tackling the problems and challenges our State faces with regard to water. I have enjoyed my time as Chair of the Utah Water Data Users Group and would love the opportunity to apply my skills in organization and problem solving to the work of the UGIC Board and the great UGIC Conference we enjoy each year. Thank you for this opportunity to be considered for membership and service in this important group.

Lindsy Bentley, Horrocks Engineers


I have been doing GIS for almost 11 years now, and I love everything about it.  I currently work at Horrocks Engineers as a Senior GIS Analyst.  I have my BS in Geography and my minor in Parks and Recreation, as well as my GISP. I love GIS and truly feel that it is only limited by our own imaginations.  Because of this, I love challenging myself with new ideas and ways to approach solving problems with GIS.  My first notable GIS project in college was mapping the Darwin Awards, and it really lit a fire within me.  It was exciting to add locations to stories around the world and notice patterns.  I love that the technology is constantly changing and growing and there is a never-ending pool of knowledge to learn from.  GIS is certainly getting exciting these days, and I think it will continue to grow and include more and more industries.  I have worked on GIS projects around the world and love seeing the impact it makes in people’s lives. In my spare time, you will find me being a forever student by learning everything I can about everything interesting, being active and outdoors, working on an never-ending list of DIY home projects, and being my 3-year old daughter’s “Best Buddy” (don’t worry, I have it forever recorded so she can’t change her mind when she’s a teenager), and coloring, lots of princess things, and exploring the world around us.


This is my third nomination for UGIC Board, so hopefully the third time’s the charm!  I love UGIC and have been involved at different levels for over ten years now.  I have served on multiple committees through these years, including Co-Chair on the UGIC Conference Committee, and have presented multiple times at the UGIC Conference.  I appreciate all that UGIC stands for, and the opportunity it gives to bring GIS professionals together to learn from and support each other. I love giving back to my community and feel it is extremely important.  Previously, I was an Adjunct Professor at SLCC and thoroughly enjoyed that experience.   I have volunteered at GIS Days in Salt Lake and Utah Counties.  I have also served on multiple CART (Child Abduction Response Team) Teams, as a Technical Information Specialist on Utah Task Force 1, GIS on Salt Lake County All-Hazards Incident Management Team, and more. I love what I do (GIS!) and love sharing it with others.  I would love to be a part of the UGIC Board.

Bruce Cheney, Gateway Mapping, Inc.


Bruce has spent the past 21 years directing development work for Gateway Mapping, Inc. including production of multiple commercial GIS products and web applications including Spatial Generations, 3P Visual and Names In Stone – Cemetery Maps.  Bruce works on a variety of projects helping cities, counties, special service districts and state government with GIS and system solutions.  Bruce graduated from BYU with an MBA in 2016 and a Master’s degree in GIS in 1998.  Recently he has supported JUB  with corporate strategy and growth planning.


I would like to support the GIS community by serving on the UGIC board.   I would continue the great work that our organization has accomplished.  I can offer value to the board with my recent business degree including support for strategy, marketing, and hard work.  My recent experience leading the UVGIS group will be helpful.  I would love to work hard and contribute to the community.

Michael Duncan, Salt Lake County


Michael Duncan was born and raised in Cedar City, Utah and served an LDS Mission to Micronesia Guam, spending two years on this tiny island.  After that adventure he returned to Utah and received his degree at Southern Utah University in Information Systems with an emphasis in GIS. Michael started GIS in 2003 using ArcInfo Workstation at the Forest Service, and now after 14 loyal years, is mourning the news that Coverages will no longer be supported with ArcGIS Pro. Michael currently works at Salt Lake County and is loving the growth and embracement of spatial solutions that his team can provide to the residents of Salt Lake County.
Within the realm of GIS, Michael has especially always loved the Web platform, beginning with a capstone at SUU installing and using ArcIMS.  He now enjoys any difficult problems that can be solved using modern web development solutions and combining the art of maps with functional logic.  He is currently on the SLUG board and has been working with that community and learning from fellow board members for 7 years.


During my service on the Salt Lake Users Group (SLUG) board, I have seen and experienced the benefits of sharing, collaborating and helping others in the GIS community.  I have benefited greatly from many mentors and contacts in this community and have found it even more satisfying to give back.  I enjoy seeking out new challenges and opportunities to meet and collaborate with fellow peers.  And… (If you vote for me, all of your wildest dreams will come true!)

Wade Kloos, Utah Department of Natural Resources


I have 27 years of experience working for and with state and local governments – 13 years of municipal government experience working in environmental, community development and GIS capacities.  As a GIS Coordinator, I prepared budgets, managed staff, and authored implementation plans for a local government in California.  For 12 years as an Account Executive for Esri, I helped to transform the way governments collect, analyze, manage and use information so that they maximize return on investment and make better, more informed decisions.  As GIS Director at Utah DNR, I am currently focused on organizational efficiencies, raising leadership awareness of high value, GIS-based solutions and the documentation of GIS return on investment (ROI).


I am fairly new to Utah and the GIS community here so I see this UGIC position as a way for me to form meaningful relationships with the proactive GIS leaders in the state and the GIS user base in general.  Additionally, I believe I can leverage my diverse background in both local and state level public sector positions and my 12 years working in the private GIS sector to contribute a valuable perspective to GIS and its advancement.  I am motivated to enlighten executive leadership to the significant impact afforded by the use of GIS solutions and to this end, I seek to help GIS practitioners document and measure their results.  The practice of recording ROI on GIS investment is, in my opinion, lacking as a core component of most GIS programs.  I believe that UGIC can be an effective force in changing the expectations and practices of Utah’s GIS users and I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to this effort.

Mellissa Lasslo, Carbon County


Mellissa Lasslo has been a GIS Specialist at Carbon County since 2008. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology/Zoology with a minor in Marketing at Southern Utah University in 2007. In 2008 she completed her Certificate in GIS at Southern Utah University. She received her GISP in 2013. Before coming to Carbon County she did an internship for Fishlake National Forest and was responsible for creating a GIS based database of gathered bird monitoring data for 2005-2007 from the Fillmore and Beaver Ranger Districts. She is the past Chair of the Canyon Country Partnership (CCP) user group. She was selected to be part of the DACUM Panel to help update Salt Lake Community College’s geospatial curriculum along with the GeoTech Center’s national core curriculum for geospatial. At Carbon County, Mellissa is responsible for collecting and updating data, data summary and map outputs. She helped create the interactive map and is responsible for maintaining it. Mellissa helped implement customized maps for mobile devices and Garmin GPS units. Collecting and maintaining the county assets for the Road Department (signs, culverts, roads) has been her latest project. She works closely with most departments in the county to implement GIS. In June, she was selected to be on the Search and Rescue team to help create maps for each callout.


I am Mellissa Lasslo, a GIS Specialist for Carbon County and I have served on the UGIC Board for 3 years. I have learned so much serving on the UGIC Board, it truly has been a great experience. I have lived in what is considered “rural” Utah my entire life and we have our own way of thinking, I feel I bring that perspective to the board. As a small county we have smaller budgets so attending a conference has to be very beneficial to justify the expense. I feel as though I can provide feedback to the board on what a rural county would consider beneficial. I would be proud to continue to serving on the board and would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for allowing me to serve on the UGIC Board!

Callie New, Wasatch Front Regional Council


Callie New is a Transportation Planner for the Wasatch Front Regional Council, where she works on transit planning for the Regional Transportation Plan, spatial analysis related to regional job accessibility with a focus on social mobility, and technical support for the Transportation Land Use Connection program. Prior to joining WFRC, Callie obtained a M.S. in Urban Planning from Columbia University, where she studied socioeconomic, fiscal, and land use implications of rapid growth and decline. Callie’s current favorite research topics currently involve examining the nexus between the built environment, urban design, and pedestrian travel behavior.


Callie is interested in serving on the UGIC board because she wants to be involved in a community that believes in the power of story-telling through creative data visualization, and the capability of using such means to achieve data-driven decision making.

Hobie Willis, Western Electricity Coordinating Council


Hobie Willis came to the GIS world through a somewhat non-traditional route. Born in rural Utah, Hobie developed a lifelong fascination with the world around him. Encouragement from his parents and public figures, such as Carl Sagan and Bill Nye “The Science Guy,” solidified Hobie’s love for all things scientific and technological. (Truth be told, a little Star Trek: The Next Generation didn’t hurt either.) As he entered college Hobie settled on studying geology. At the time GIS played an indirect role as Hobie learned to read and appreciate the cartography of a well-designed geologic map. Hands-on GIS experience finally came near the end of college as Hobie prepared a small map for a field methods class through an embarrassing compilation of Google Earth and ArcMap. After graduating in 2011 from the University of Utah in geology, with an emphasis in geophysics, Hobie began work as a field tech for the Utah Geological Survey. This position was accompanied by crash-courses in GIS, many hours of self-teaching, and plenty of guidance from highly experience GIS users within the survey. Hobie quickly learned how vital GIS skills are in communicating scientific information. After nearly 5 years with the UGS, circumstances necessitated Hobie’s transition to the Western Electricity Coordinating Council a company which, prior to hiring him, had no in-house GIS user. This position while challenging, has come with many rewards. Hobie, now deeply and delightfully entrenched in GIS, looks forward to a continued career helping to communicate useful information through maps.


I wish to run for the UGIC board for two primary reasons. First, I want to foster better engagement with the people in my local GIS community. At my current position, I am the only GIS user inside my entire organization. This arrangement results in a sense of isolation from the GIS community, especially compared to my previous position where I was surrounded by highly knowledgeable GIS staff. I am hopeful that by being involved with UGIC board I can help others, and myself, develop their GIS skills and grow meaningful lasting professional connections. I am enthusiastic and excited about all things GIS and I’m confident that putting my energy to use inside the UGIC community will result in the betterment of my peers and colleagues. My second reason for running is more personal. I wish to change my sometimes-apathetic tendencies toward social, civic, and professional organizations. Recent events in life have made it clear that if I want the world to be different I must actively be involved in making that world a reality. To accomplish that we are often encouraged to get involved with organizations that share our goals and encourage growth. The UGIC is a community that nurtures its members both professionally and personally and is one that I have greatly benefited from. I see volunteering my time as a small way to “pay forward” the help I’ve received and a small step in being engaged in the many worthwhile organizations around me.

2017 Elections – Higher Education

Chris McGinty, Utah State University


Originally, from Star Valley, Wyoming, I have been fortunate to call Utah my home for more than 20 years. Presently, I serve as the Assistant Director of the Utah State University Quinney College of Natural Resources Remote Sensing/GIS Laboratory and the AmericaView, Inc. National Program Manager. I have spent more than 17 years using geospatial technology in both private and academic settings for research and teaching. Through my time at Utah State University, I have had the opportunity to engage hundreds of students in introductory and advanced GIS courses. Additionally, in my role as AmericaView National Program Manager, I have worked to help establish Earth Observation Day, a combined effort between AmericaView, USGS, NASA, and the American Geosciences Institute. Earth Observation Day activities have engaged more than 30,000 K-12 students across the county to encourage and foster an appreciation for Earth sciences, including the use of GIS and remote sensing technologies. Over the past three years, I have had the opportunity to serve on the UGIC Board as the Higher Education board member. In that time, we have held GIS workshops for high school teachers and conducted GIS Day activities during the annual UGIC meeting. I have also been able to contribute to the Utah geospatial community by teaching basic UAS/drone operations, in partnership with other practitioners, and present work at the annual Maps on the Hill event in Salt Lake City. I continue to work towards the completion of a Ph.D. in Ecology at USU.


I am honored by the nomination for the Higher Education seat on the UGIC Board. As the Higher Education board member and chair of the UGIC Education Committee, I look forward to re-energizing the Committee through a series of GIS Day “road shows”. These road shows will be tailored to middle and high school level students with the goal of working with local teachers to demonstrate the use of GIS, UAS, and GPS. The events will be supported by the UGIC Board as well as local GIS practitioners. Interaction and demonstration of geospatial technology to students is both exciting and rewarding and supports teachers in meeting state educational standards. The events also generate enthusiasm and excitement to in science and engineering fields and puts faces to the Utah Geographic Information Council throughout the state.

Brandon Plewe, Brigham Young University


Brandon Plewe is an Associate Professor of Geography at Brigham Young University, where he has taught Cartography and GIS since 1997. He received his bachelor’s degree from BYU, and went to the State University of New York at Buffalo for a Masters and PhD. His research focuses on historical GIS, especially related to mapping the history of the Intermountain West and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His published works include the award winning _Mapping Mormonism: An Atlas of Latter-day Saints_ (2012) and the _Geographic Information Science and Technology Body of Knowledge_ (2006). He has also worked for 25 years as a freelance cartographer through his business, Kinesava Geographics. Brandon is married with 5 children; he enjoys exploring the West by road and trail, and collecting geographic uniquities.


I have always appreciated the role of UGIC in building such a strong geospatial community in Utah, and would be happy to again serve this community on the board. I was on the UGIC board from 2005 to 2011 as the University representative, during which time I was very involved in developing the state strategic GIS plan, and helped develop a number of UGIC programs, such as the committee structure, the student competitions, and of course, Iron Cartographer! I have also been involved with the national professional community for many years, including terms as president of both the Cartography and Geographic Information Society (CaGIS) and North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS). As an educator, I am keenly concerned with how we prepare the next generation of geospatial professionals, and I would love to work on workforce development activities in UGIC, such as recruiting, internships, student networking, and continuing education.

Assad Reichdan,II,  Weber State


I was born in Brazil and started my education there where I earned a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology.  My GIS experience also started there.  My grandfather taught me coordinate systems and map projections when I was very young.  In fact, I could read a map before I could read books.

I moved to the United States 21 years ago.  I studied Information Technology at Purdue University and then worked at the university as a project director integrating GIS with Facilities Management systems.  After Purdue, I spent 10 years as a contractor with the U.S. Department of the Interior developing and implementing GIS and FM solutions and managing a sizable GIS operation.  Our work was featured in ESRI publications and presented at a few ESRI conferences and one of our maps won an ESRI award for best data integration.

I always had a passion for and wanted to go back to higher education.  So now I manage the spatial data section at Weber State University.  My team is responsible for spatial data inside and outside our buildings and above and below ground.  We focus on creating innovative spatial solutions for our campuses.

I live in Ogden with my family.  Four of our eight children, and our two dogs, still live at home.  I love spending time with my wife and family.  We love movies, games, being outside, and my wife and I love the ocean (a little hard to enjoy it in Utah though).


I believe that spatial data is in everything we do, that location-aware applications are no longer the future but today’s reality.  I also believe that we have a great potential for creating and implementing state-of-the-industry GIS solutions in Utah that can have a real impact in our communities.  As government, NGO’s, private organizations, and communities work together, we can realize this potential.

My goals as a UGIC Board member are to help foster this collaboration as our higher education organizations are favorably positioned to reach out to our communities and to continue to provide ways for GIS organizations in Utah to share knowledge and ideas to build better GIS solutions.  At Weber State University, I have the opportunity to work with faculty and staff members in various departments to improve the quality of our spatial data and applications.  I would like the opportunity to bring the same spirit of collaboration to the UGIC members and to work on reaching out to expand our membership.

I also hope to expand our reach to the youth in our area to create a greater awareness not just for GIS as a profession or field of study but also for the issues that science, technology, and art combined in the GIS field help to solve.

The Importance of the UGIC Board Elections

As you may already know voting is now open for several positions on the UGIC Board.  You can review the candidates here.

Serving on the UGIC Board is a big responsibility that requires a real commitment.  Of course serving on the Board is a volunteer position.  Many of you may see the work that the Board does at the UGIC conference.  But, serving on the board is much more than just running around at the conference.  It takes a lot of effort from the Board year round to make UGIC work.  We are focused on facilitating connections within our community, supporting public outreach efforts, and acting as a unified voice for geospatial professionals in Utah.

Producing a successful UGIC conference is a major undertaking that keeps the Board busy for months.  There are a thousand details to work out.  If you have an enjoyable conference, it’s largely because the UGIC Board spent hours planning and working to make things run smoothly.

UGIC is really fortunate to have a lot of great candidates willing to serve on the Board.  So it is important for the UGIC membership to vote in this election.  Please take a few minutes to read through the candidates and vote.

It’s important.

UGIC 2016 Board Election Candidates


Click here to VOTE! 

(Voting closes June 9th at 5:00 pm)


The following individuals have been nominated, and have accepted the opportunity, to run for UGIC Board positions:


Kim Coburn


Biography: Kim Coburn has been with Epic Engineering for 3 years and has been utilizing GIS for over 7 years. She earned her Bachelors in Civil Engineering with a Minor in Astrophysics at the University of Toledo. Her Master’s focused on water quality and she has a passion for creating environmental reports, modeling, and feasibility studies. She has worked with several municipalities on the utilization of GIS with their utilities, including Magna Water and Service District, Draper Irrigation, North Fork Special Service District, the City of Myton, the Town of Daniel and many more. She specializes in water resource management including hydraulic modeling of infrastructure, floodplain modeling, and storm water delineations.

Statement: I would like to run for the Industry Board Position because I am excited to be part of such a dynamic community. The industry and tools to utilize spatial information are constantly evolving and I want to be at the forefront of that technology. I believe that communication between the different organizations is pivotal to the continued growth of our community.  I would love to help facilitate the continued open communication so that we can not only advance our databases but the ease and implementation of our spatial technology.

Kasey Hansen

Kasey Hansen Photo

Biography: Kasey Hansen graduated from Brigham Young University with a Master’s Degree in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in 2001 and has worked for Gateway Mapping for the past 16 years.  He currently serves as Gateway Mapping’s GIS Services Director, and is a certified GIS professional (GISP).  Kasey’s responsibilities include GIS project management, analysis, GIS-based asset management, programming, and GIS training.  Kasey thoroughly enjoys teaching GIS concepts and loves to help others see the value in GIS. He enjoys planning and carrying out GIS events, and has served on both the UGIC board and on the planning committee for the Northern Utah GIS user group. When he’s not at work, Kasey’s favorite activities still have a tie to geography. He enjoys taking his family hiking, camping, geocaching, and exploring around in general.

Statement: I love being able to work with geography and GIS, but I also love teaching and sharing what I’ve learned with others.  That’s what is great about UGIC – it gives us an opportunity to do both!  This is why I have actively participated in UGIC for more than ten years, and this is why I initially ran for the board.  Over the past three years I have served as UGIC Secretary, I have learned the details regarding how to make UGIC a great organization with a  very successful annual conference, and I feel that I can use that knowledge and experience to help contribute to UGIC’s success in the future. I would love the opportunity to continue to serve on the UGIC board.

Frank Pisani


Biography: Frank Pisani is a GIS Analyst with HDR in Salt Lake City. He has over 10 years of experience with GIS in both the private and public sectors. His specialties lie in enterprise data management, spatial data visualization and web based mapping. Frank is an advocate of GIS technology and strives to show clients and colleagues how taking a GIS approach to solving problems make projects more successful. Before working at HDR Frank served as UDOT GIS manager for 5 years and was the project manager and technical architect of the DOT’s UPlan GIS applications. The UPlan project has received best practice awards from ESRI, AASHTO, URISA and FHWA. Frank graduated from the University of Delaware in 2004 and moved to Salt Lake City where he lives with his wife and daughter.

Statement: I am interested in a board position because I feel UGIC is what makes the Utah GIS community flourish. When moving to Utah the UGIC events provided an outsider a great way to meet and learn from others in the state. I want to help keep our GIS community thriving and support the events that UGIC offers.

Tom Toronto


Biography: I was raised in Farmington, UT where we currently reside. I attended BYU as a PreMed, but after taking the Intro to GIS class for a Geography requirement, I was hooked. My experience is in both the Public and Private sectors of the Geospatial Industry for the last 15 years. I started at Farmington City, UT to set up the GIS Operations and then moved to Phoenix, AZ to do the same thing at an engineering consulting firm. I loved the diversity of GIS projects and project locations that I was able to work on. We moved back to Utah and shortly thereafter, was a part of the original 3 that created SLUG (The Salt Lake GIS Users Group). I have really enjoyed serving on the SLUG board and can’t believe it’s been almost 7 years since the commencement. Right now I am 3 years into running my own GIS Consulting Services business with clients in UT, ID, CA, AZ, TX, & NM. My clients comprise Municipalities, Water Companies, Legal Firms, & Educational Organizations. My Geospatial acumen is in GIS, GPS, Survey, Engineering, Planning, and Public Works. I have a wife, 3 girls and finally, a boy due in Oct. I enjoy all sports, primarily, basketball (surprised?) and enjoy skiing, camping, hiking, fishing, Star Wars etc. My latest hobby is adding GIS technical terminology from the ESRI Colombia Twitter feed to my Spanish learned while a missionary in Barranquilla, Colombia.

Statement: I appreciate being nominated for the potential opportunity to serve on the UGIC board.  If voted in, I’ll work hard to continue the thriving organization that it is and wasn’t really surprised to find out that this past conference was the 25th anniversary.  That is a testament to the many great people who have willingly served to enable the viability and success of UGIC.  As I have worked with Geospatial professionals from other states, they all seem to be aware of the GIS presence in Utah and frequently declare that Utah is one of the front runners in the industry.  As mentioned in my bio, I have enjoyed serving on the SLUG board and look forward to the possibility of transferring that experience to serve on the UGIC board. Thanks for your consideration.


Steffie Gould


Biography: Steffie is a GIS Analyst with the State of Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) where she has worked since 2015. Before SITLA she worked as a GIS Specialist/Fiber Engineer for Zayo, a Colorado Communications Infrastructure company. Her first job utilizing GIS was a Forest Steward Intern for the Green Mountain Club, a Vermont non-profit that maintains the Long Trail- a long distance hiking trail that runs through the state. In 2014 she received a Master’s of Engineering in GIS from the University of Colorado, Denver. Her studies culminated with a project examining how land cover characteristics affect urban water use in Austin, TX while also looking at developing an easily replicable method to measure land cover characteristics for water demand modeling. She received a B.S. in Forestry and Resource Ecology from the University of Vermont. When not working, Steffie can be found exploring Utah by foot, bike and ski!

Statement: I am relatively new to Utah, having moved to Salt Lake City in January of 2014. Since then I have enjoyed getting to know Utah and the GIS community here. Attending my first UGIC Conference this year really highlighted the vibrant energy and engaging opportunities surrounding GIS within the state. By joining the UGIC board I hope to continue to connect with this amazing community as well as contribute to helping grow and strengthen it. I believe my background with both the public and private sectors along with my enthusiasm for the power of all that is geospatial will be assets on the UGIC board.

Josh Groeneveld


Biography: Josh Groeneveld is the GIS Coordinator for the Utah Division of Emergency Management.  He is the chair of the Utah Mapping Emergency Technical Team, which provides GIS professionals with resources and guides for producing maps and performing data analysis during an incident.  He is co-chair of the National States Geographic Information Council Geospatial Preparedness Committee, which promotes coordination and shares best practices between state emergency management, public safety and homeland security agencies.  He received his Masters in Geography from the University of Utah in 2011 and a Bachelor’s in Geography from Western Michigan University in 2008.

Statement: UGIC has done a wonderful job fostering collaboration and cooperation in the GIS community in Utah.  Through my involvement with NSGIC and various emergency management organizations, my perspectives and insight can further enhance how the Utah GIS community works together.  I want to actively build up the already successful UGIC efforts for both GIS Day and Maps on the Hill.  As chair of UMETT, I have witnessed strong partnerships and a willingness to share expertise within the Utah GIS community and I would enjoy serving on the UGIC Board to keep this fantastic community growing.

Adam Radel


Biography: I have enjoyed performing geospatial wizardry for almost 10 years. I have a B.S. In GIS from the University of Idaho. I ‘m a proud GISP and love supporting the GIS community in various ways. In April I completed a 6-month long GIS Corps mission creating an elevation dataset that will be used in the design of a modern water system in a small Panamanian town.  I enjoy hanging out at local schools on GIS Day, expanding the idea of Geography for the kiddos I have the honor of speaking to. I have experience working in both federal and state government organizations as well as private companies.  I’m lucky enough to spend my days at UDOT where I am a GIS Program Manager. I love hiking, camping, cycling, mountain biking, disc golf, long walks on the beach, and running.

Statement: Let’s make UGIC great again! Actually, UGIC is an amazing organization that I look forward to being a part of for many years to come. I would like to be considered for UGIC board member as I have a broad range of GIS and leadership experience. I don’t mind staying late or coming in early to setup a meeting or activity. I would like to offer my time, talent, and humor to ensure UGIC continues to be the exceptional organization it is!


André Coleman


Biography: André Coleman is a senior research scientist at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (16-years) and currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. He brings 24-years of experience in the fields of geoinformatics, hydrology, and computer science with significant experience and research interests in spatial and numerical modeling, water resources, bioenergy modeling, estuarine systems modeling, disaster response, climate analysis, data fusion, machine learning, high-performance computing, photogrammetry and remote-sensing. These specialties have been applied to numerous local, regional, national, and global scale environmental and energy-related projects. Mr. Coleman graduated with a BS in Geography and Earth Resources from Utah State University in 1995 with emphases in GIS, hydrology, and fluvial geomorphology. In 2008, he completed an MS (cum laude) in Geoinformatics at the Vrije Universiteit, The Netherlands and won the International Award of Academic Excellence in Geoinformatics for his work in neural-based classifiers. Mr. Coleman is currently pursuing a Ph.D. from Clemson University with a focus on the water-energy-environment nexus and sustainable systems. To date, he has authored or co- authored 28 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters.

Statement: The purpose and objectives of the Utah Geographic Information Council align with my professional background and interests to continue promoting the value of geographic information, sharing and learning best practices, increasing operation/system efficiencies with effective data management practices, and ensuring a high-degree of data quality and pedigree in an era of data deluge. While currently working under the Federal umbrella, I have also worked in the private industry and academia and understand these environments.


Shawn Beecher


Biography: I am Shawn Beecher.  I am the GIS Administrator at Spanish Fork and have been since 2003.  I have been involved in GIS for over 20 years.  I received my GISP in 2011.  While studying GIS and Cartography at BYU (1996-1998) I worked for the LDS Church as an intern digitizing road networks for cities in South America.  After graduating with a BS from BYU, I moved to Springfield, MO where I worked on my masters at SMSU and worked for Springfield City as an intern doing application development, training, and GIS services.  Upon leaving Springfield I got a job with a Private Engineering Firm in 2000 doing GIS consulting, GIS training, and application development.  I moved to Logan, UT in 2002 as a GIS Specialist for 6 months before moving to Spanish Fork where I am currently the only full-time GIS person doing everything GIS, IT, and more.

Statement: I have really enjoyed the UGIC community and all they offer.  After coming to my first UGIC Conference in 2010 in Moab, UT I wanted to come back as many times as Spanish Fork would allow me.  I feel the networking, knowledge, experience, comradery, and more that we get at these conferences is huge.  I have felt for many years the need to give back to the community that has given me so much.  I feel this is my way to do that.  We at UGIC have a phenomenal group of people of which I am glad to be a part.

Jordan Behunin


Biography: Jordan Behunin has been a GIS Specialist for Carbon County since 2012. Before he worked for Carbon County, he volunteered with Hurricane City GIS and worked for the Forest Service as a seasonal technician. He has a Bachelor of Science in Recreation Resource Management and a minor in GIS from Utah State University. He is three classes away from obtaining his Master of Science in GIS Management from Salisbury University. During his most recent semester of school, he conducted a use assessment for Carbon County GIS. As a GIS specialist, Jordan has many responsibilities including data collection and creation, creating map deliverables, and doing analysis. Most recently, he transitioned Carbon County’s online maps from ArcGIS flex viewer to Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition). In the past Jordan has been chair of the Castle Country Trails Committee and now functions as the GIS Specialist for the committee. When Jordan is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, mountain biking, hiking, riding OHVs, fishing, and staying active.

Statement: Within the first three weeks of beginning work for Carbon County GIS, I attended UGIC at Bryce Canyon in 2012. Every year since then, I have looked forward to UGIC conferences as an opportunity to learn techniques, skills, and applications from Utah’s GIS experts. Through networking opportunities at UGIC, I have gained new friends and had awesome opportunities in GIS including GIS Day held at Utah Valley University, participated in Maps on the Hill, and presented at various user groups and conferences. I am grateful to be nominated as a prospective member of the UGIC board. I would gladly give back to the GIS community of Utah by serving as a member of the board. I want to represent you and your ideas as Utah’s GIS professionals. I will continue to build upon the hard work and dedication of past boards, by providing opportunities for you to continue to network, learn innovative skills, and gain knowledge at UGIC conferences and events throughout the year.

Steve Johnson


Biography: I am excited to be a member of the geospatial community in Utah and have loved the chances I have had to serve in UGIC. I hold a bachelors and a masters degree in geography from Brigham Young University and have been employed at the City of Orem for 20 years as an Engineering Specialist in the Storm Sewer Utility. I have sought out opportunities to maintain professional relations with fellow GISers in Utah County through intiating the establishment of UVGIS.

Statement: As a UGIC board member for the past three years and a conference committee member for three years before that, I have grown to love the opportunity to learn from UGIC presenters and expand a network of friends and colleagues that share my love of maps, places, locations, and spatial relationships.Some of my favorite experiences in my career have been in organizing and assisting with GIS Day events in Utah County, Salt Lake County, Richfield and Escalante. If I were re-elected to serve on the board, I would seek to enhance the Council’s education and outreach efforts. I would also like to find ways to assist GIS users with their needs in asset management and public works applications.

Nick Kryger


Biography: Nick Kryger is the GIS & IT Administrator for Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities. Nick has been working in GIS for over 25 years. He has a BS degree in Business Administration and in Industrial Relations Nick is a Certified Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP) and is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

Statement: I would like to continue on the board to help promote GIS across the State of Utah.  Having worked in GIS for over 25 years and having the knowledge on how UGIC functions I feel will help our GIS Community.

Stan McShinsky

Stan McShinsky

Biography: Stan McShinsky is a GIS Web Developer for Provo City. Stan enjoys building interesting maps like puzzles, augmented reality sandboxes and mazes. Currently Stan develops web applications for various projects in the city. Previously he worked in the energy department at Provo City managing a fiber network and power grid data.  He also has experience with the UTOPIA project in managing fiber networks around Utah. He graduated from BYU. Stan likes to play softball, go geocaching and beekeeping.

Statement: For me, GIS is not just a job but a way of life. I see the different needs of those around me from coworkers to customers and I look for a way to fill that need through maps. By having a position on the board I believe I can clearly see the bigger picture and needs of those I come in contact with. I consistently push myself to improve my skills and learn new things.  I like to think outside the box and believe I can bring a fresh perspective. Many GIS professionals have helped me along the way–from getting an internship to troubleshooting projects. I would appreciate the opportunity to be on the board and have a way to contribute to the GIS community myself.

Andrea Roskelly


Biography: Andrea Roskelley has worked as a GIS Analyst for Ogden City GIS the past 11 years. Andrea’s work has led her to many different aspects of GIS including public utilities, business development, public safety, municipal elections and emergency operations. She has also worked to configure a number of the web applications for Ogden City. Andrea has trained many new users on how to use GIS and worked with other users to help them improve their skills.  She has worked to spread her knowledge of GIS with others through conference presentations, GIS Day events and classroom presentations.  Andrea’s favorite part of her job is cartography, and getting the details just right so she can deliver an amazing map. Andrea is a graduate of Weber State University with a Bachelor of Science in Geography and she is a certified GIS Professional (GISP).

Statement: I love UGIC and the GIS community that goes with it. I would be honored to be a member of the board. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of GIS with others, and I have been a presenter most of the years that I have attended the UGIC conference.  I have a passion and enthusiasm for all things GIS and I would use those traits to be a great asset on the UGIC committee. I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to serve and help in whatever way I can.

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