Utah Mapping Emergency Technical Team – UMETT

UGIC is supporting the efforts of the Utah Mapping Emergency Technical Team (UMETT). UMETT is a partnership of government and private geospatial professionals with a mission of providing cross-jurisdictional professional mapping services and data in support of decision-making during emergency response and mitigation in Utah.

The goals of UMETT are:

  • Discuss and share best practices and lessons learned from using GIS during a disaster response
  • Define essential datasets and other geospatial tools and products to be used to support emergency or disaster response
  • Establish systems and procedures, adhering to best practices, to effectively share data and maps
  • Collaborate with emergency managers and other responders to promote understanding of their information needs and educate them on the capabilities GIS professionals can provide
  • Identify appropriate training for GIS professionals to obtain skills to better support an emergency
  • Coordinate and share critical geographic information during an emergency or disaster response according to established procedures
  • Utilize training and procedures to establish a volunteer group that can assist other jurisdictions in Utah during an emergency

If you would like to join the Utah Mapping Emergency Technical Team or have questions/needs:

umett.response@gmail.com or 385-743-2255

UMETT Response Team Standard Operating Guidelines (last updated May 2017).

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