Mentoring Program

UGIC is now coordinating with Esri and the Association of American Geographers to provide a  network of GeoMentors to support the U.S. Department of Education’s ConnectED Program, for which Esri has agreed to donate free GIS software to all K–12 schools in the U.S. GeoMentors will help schools and teachers introduce GIS and associated geographic concepts into classrooms across the country.

What do GeoMentors do?

GeoMentors play a pivotal role in improving GIS and geography education. The wide variety of outreach opportunities include advocating GIS adoption, helping schools get their free software, demonstrating available classroom exercises to teachers, and providing information about career and educational opportunities.

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How can GeoMentors help you bring GIS into your classroom?

GeoMentors are knowledgeable GIS users ready to adapt to the unique needs of each educator, school, and student group. They can help set up your free software account, demonstrate available classroom exercises, provide information on career opportunities, or help develop new activities based on your particular student audience.

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