Pre Conference Workshops

Monday October 11th

  • Python (Jake Adams):
    Join us for an interactive exploration of the fundamentals of Python programming. We’ll lay the foundation for a deeper understanding of how Python scripts work and prepare you to write robust, easy-to-maintain scripts and programs. A laptop with ArcGIS Pro installed is recommended.
  • ArcGIS Arcade (Cory Whittaker):
    ArcGIS Arcade is a portable, lightweight, and secure expression language written for use in the ArcGIS platform. Like other expression languages, it can perform mathematical calculations, manipulate text, and evaluate logical statements. It also supports multi-statement expressions, variables, and flow control statements. Arcade was designed specifically for creating custom visualizations and labeling expressions in the ArcGIS Platform. In this workshop, we will cover basic syntax setup, pop-ups, calculations, and use in dashboards.
    • Pre-Requisites: Basic familiarly with and an active ArcGIS Online account. 
  • Build an ArcGIS Hub Site to Engage with Your Community (Hayley Miller): We will walk through configuring an ArcGIS Hub template including publishing open data, embedding ArcGIS Solutions and web applications, and cover tips & tricks to make your ArcGIS Hub Site go above and beyond an open-data site.
    • Pre-requisites: Creator-level user in ArcGIS Online, access to ArcGIS Hub – Bring Your Own Machine
  • Getting started with ArcGIS QuickCapture (Ismael Chivite):
    • The ArcGIS QuickCapture mobile app is specifically designed to support rapid field data collection workflows. If you never heard of ArcGIS QuickCapture before, check this short video for an introduction. In this 4 hour hands-on workshop you will learn how to effectively create and configure your own ArcGIS QuickCapture projects.  We will cover data schema design, device variables, configuration of offline maps, how to enable voice-commands and integration with oriented imagery.
    • Pre-Requisites: Basic familiarity with ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise. A mobile phone with ArcGIS QuickCapture installed.

Tuesday October 12th

  • Python API/Notebooks (Casey Sledge):
    This class assumes familiarity with Python basics, and will focus on intermediate topics including Notebooks and the Python API for ArcGIS – Bring a laptop with ArcGIS Pro installed
  • ArcGIS Enterprise (Cory Whittaker):
    ArcGIS Enterprise is the foundational software system for GIS, powering mapping and visualization, analytics, and data management. It is the backbone for running the Esri suite of applications and your own custom applications. ArcGIS Enterprise is tightly integrated with ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro for mapping and authoring, and seamlessly connects with ArcGIS Online to share content between systems. In this workshop, we will cover deployment, administration, publishing, and sharing of maps and data.
    • Pre-Requisites: Basic familiarly with and access to an ArcGIS Enterprise deployment.
  • Goodbye ArcMap, Hello ArcGIS Pro (Hayley Miller): This workshop will cover the basics of ArcGIS Pro and is designed for those looking to master their ArcGIS Pro skills. This session will prepare you for migrating workflows from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro as well as cover some advanced workflows in Pro.
    • Pre-requisites: ArcGIS Pro installed on your machine, Basic, Standard or Advanced license, Creator-level user in ArcGIS Online – Bring Your Own Machine
  • Field data collection with ArcGIS Survey123 (Ismael Chivite):
    • This full-day hands-on technical seminar is designed for ArcGIS Survey123 users who want to get up to speed on new features added over the past year. Basic familiarity with ArcGIS Survey123 is assumed. If you are new to Survey123, it is strongly recommended you follow the Try ArcGIS Survey123 tutorials before you join this session. In this seminar we will cover smart form design and field data collection topics such as: Working with big lists, the Survey123 smart camera, leveraging the Survey123 Inbox to support routine asset inspection workflows and work assignment coordination, configuring linked offline maps and other new features
    • Pre-Requisites: Basic familiarity with ArcGIS Survey123. A mobile phone with ArcGIS Survey123 installed and a laptop is ArcGIS Survey123 Connect installed.