Using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for Cartography @ UGIC 2016

Presented by Adam Wilbert

Course Description: In this course, you’ll get hands on experience working with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop in order to bring your map’s visual identity to the next level. Enhance the impact of your maps, create maps that better engage with the public, and have more control over the presentation of your cartographic messages by moving your data out of ArcMap and into a true graphic design work flow.

We’ll start by seeing how to avoid some common pitfalls when exporting clean artwork from ArcMap, then reassemble vector based data in Illustrator, and raster based data in Photoshop. We’ll move projects from conception through final design while leveraging the strengths of each program.

This full day training course is for anyone that wants to get started working with the Adobe Creative Suite to build publication quality maps. No prior experience with the Adobe tools is required. Come prepared with any working version of Illustrator or Photoshop on your laptop, or pre-install and activate the 30 day trial versions available at

Instructor Bio:  Adam is a author and a freelance cartographer based in Bellingham, Washington. After graduating with a degree in Architecture from Arizona State University, he serendipitously stumbled into databases, then GIS, then cartography through postgrad coursework at Western Washington University and an internship with the National Park Service at Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve. He loves the intersection of traditional graphic design and printmaking techniques combined with modern web applications and a pinch of interactive data visualization. He has a passion for fine typography, Pantone swatch books, and the smell of inked pages fresh off the press.

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