UGIC Conference 2020

UGIC September 3, 2020

Please see the FAQs about the conference changes


The UGIC Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the 2020 UGIC conference will be held September 3rd, 2020 as a virtual conference.

Lodging and registrations are being refunded and canceled

UGIC Conference registration for 2020 is Free.



  • UGIC’s 2020 virtual conference will take place on Wednesday, September 2nd and Thursday September 3rd , 2020.
    • Most breakout sessions will be pre-recorded and will be made available to view at your leisure.
    • The Plenary Session and a few other sessions (including panels and technical Q&A sessions) will be held live via video conference.
  • Wednesday, September 2nd:
    • All pre-recorded breakout sessions will be made available online.
  • Thursday, September 3rd:
    • The Plenary Session will be held in the morning, and other live sessions (including panels and technical Q&A sessions) will be held throughout the rest of the day.
    • Online pre-recorded sessions will remain available on Thursday and after the conference ends.
  • Specific times for live sessions will be released closer to the conference.



  • It will not be necessary to register for the virtual conference. Links to view online breakout sessions and to attend the plenary and other live sessions will be sent to all UGIC members before the conference.
  • There will be no cost to attend UGIC’s virtual 2020 conference.



  • If you are interested in presenting a breakout session:
    • Please contact Mellissa Campbell ( and let her know you would like to present.
    • Record your session using the video software of your choice, keeping in mind the following requirements:
      • The maximum length of the recording should be 30 minutes. Please coordinate with Mellissa if you would like your presentation to be longer.
      • Ensure that your microphone is capturing your voice well.
      • Title the video file with the presentation title and presenter’s name.
      • Use the following specifications when recording:
        • Video format .mp4
        • Resolution 1080p HD (1920 x 1080)
        • Encoding h.264
        • Framerates per second up to, but no more than 30 FPS (We recommend as close to 30 FPS as possible)
    • Instructions for transferring the video file to UGIC will be sent to you after you contact Mellissa.
      • You will be asked to include a paragraph describing your presentation, along with the presentation title, presenter’s name, and video runtime in your submittal.


We will continue to release more details as we get closer to the conference dates. In the meantime, please feel free to contact Kasey Hansen (, Dave Henrie ( or any other UGIC board member with questions.  As a reminder for advance planning, UGIC 2021 will be in Bryce Canyon May 3-7, 2021.  Thanks!