UGIC Conference Rescheduled FAQs

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.  Like so many other aspects of life, the virus is affecting our plans for UGIC 2020.  We recognize that travel and meeting restrictions will likely still be in place in early May, and it is important for us as an organization to help further the efforts to limit the spread of the virus.  With all this in mind, we have made the decision to postpone UGIC 2020.  The UGIC 2020 conference will now be held from August 31st – September 4th, 2020, at Ruby’s Inn at Bryce Canyon, Utah. 


We know there will be many questions that arise from this change,  so we’ve put together the following Q&A to provide you with as much information as we can:


  • I’ve already registered for the conference.  What do I need to do?
    • First, please determine if you are still able to attend the conference on the new dates.
    • Please email Kasey Hansen ( and let him know whether you will or will not be attending.
    • If you still plan to attend on the new dates:
      • You don’t need to make any changes to your online registration.
      • You do need to contact Ruby’s Inn and update your hotel reservation (if you’ve already made a reservation). See information about that below.
      • If you have already paid by credit card or check, you don’t need to take any further action.  If you planned to pay at the door, you may still do so.
    • If you cannot attend the conference on the new dates:
      • We will issue you a full refund.
      • If you paid via PayPal we will issue the refund to the card that you paid with.
      • If you paid by check, please cancel the check.  UGIC has not yet cashed any checks that have been issued to us.  We will destroy the check once you indicate you are not attending the conference.
      • If you planned to pay by check and have not paid yet, let us know that and please don’t pay.
      • If you have already made hotel reservations, please cancel them.  See information about that below.
  • Will the cost of the conference change?
    • No.  All costs for the conference will remain the same.  If you have already paid and you still plan to attend, you just need to let us know you are still coming.
  • What about hotel reservations?
    • Whether you will be attending on the new conference dates or not, if you have already booked a room at Ruby’s Inn, you will need to change or cancel your reservations. We have reserved a block of rooms at the same rate of $94/night plus tax. Below is the phone number for Ruby’s Inn:
  • What about Preconference Training?  I registered for a class already, is it going to change?
    • We hope to keep the same training schedule.  If we have to make a change in any of the classes, we will reach out to those who have signed up for the changed class(es) and let you know your options. We will also update the registration website and the class descriptions on UGIC’s website accordingly.
  • What about all the activities?  Will those all remain the same?
    • We hope so.  Obviously the change in date may affect some of the activities we have planned, but we are working to keep all of the activities (Vendor social, Bryce Canyon Hike, Country Dinner Show and Stargazing Show) the same.  If anything changes, we will update the website accordingly.
  • Okay, you just said that you hope stuff doesn’t change, but you said there might be some changes.  How will I know once everything is set and won’t change?
    • Once we have confirmed all preconference training classes and all activities, we will send out another email to everyone letting you know that the schedule is set. Hopefully,  that email will simply confirm that all classes and activities are going forward as scheduled.
  • I haven’t registered yet, but I can attend on the new dates.  When should I register?
    • You can register anytime you want.  You may want to wait until the email mentioned in the question above goes out, so that you know for sure there won’t be any changes to preconference training classes or conference activities.
  • I signed up to give a presentation at the conference, do I need to do anything?
    • Whether or not you can attend the conference at the new dates, if you have signed up to give a presentation, please contact Mellissa Campbell ( and let her know whether or not you will still be able to give the presentation.  You will probably get a separate email from Mellissa about this.
  • Is there still going to be another UGIC conference in May of 2021? Does this change UGIC’s schedule forever?
    • We fully intend to host UGIC 2021 in May of 2021, and after that we plan to continue on with our regular May conference schedule in subsequent years. (Consider getting to have two UGIC conferences in a 7-month timeframe your reward for having to wait so long for UGIC 2020.)
    • Please take this schedule into account as you work with your organization to plan and budget for future conference attendance.
  • There is a really important question about the conference that I need answered right now and you totally didn’t ask it here.
    • You are already going to email Kasey Hansen ( to tell him if you are still coming the conference or not, so you can ask your question in the same email.  You can also contact any member of the UGIC board with questions.
  • Now UGIC is postponed too? I am freaking out about all of this. Can you help me?
    • I am not a licensed psychologist, but I know a good one that I can refer you to. Keep calm and map on!


Again, we apologize for the change and inconvenience this presents on top of the many changes we are all already facing. However, we feel this modification will provide us with the opportunity to still have an amazing conference in a great location.  As mentioned above, if you have already registered for the conference, please email Kasey Hansen ( to let us know if you will still be attending on the new dates (Aug. 31 – Sept. 4) or not.  If you do not send an email, we will assume you will be attending!  Please let us know what additional questions you have, and thank you for your support of UGIC!