UGIC 2022 Board Elections

The Utah Geographic Information Council Board is composed of volunteers from around the state of Utah who are passionate about geospatial data, topics, and applications. The Board is elected by those who are UGIC members as of the date of the current year’s annual UGIC conference (9 May 2022). Board members serve three year terms.

County (Uncontested)

David (Dave) K. Henrie

David K Henrie (Dave) is a GIS Programmer with three decades of experience in GIS. He graduated with a BS in Geography and a Master of Public Administration from Brigham Young University. His personal motto is “to lift those around him and help them become the best versions of themselves”. Dave is an acknowledged leader in the field of Parcels. He has a strong interest in parcels and enjoys talking about mundane things like Coordinate Geometry. Dave is heavily immersed in rock art. His username in most apps is almost always Petroglyphman. Dave is an explorer, when his GIS career is finally over, you will find him and his wife driving down a dusty road looking for more rock art. His slogan is “So many roads, so little time”.

Personal Statement
I am passionate about Utah’s GIS community that has given me so much. In the early days of GIS, I served as the co-chair the Technical Interchange Group (TIG) in Utah. The TIG organization was eventually replaced by SLUG and UVGIS. Through TIG, I was able to give back to the community. Professional organizations like UGIC, SLUG, and UVGIS fill a vital role in developing professional networks and real-life GIS skills in the GIS Community of Utah. I am proud to have served on the board of directors for UGIC for quite a while and I am a good fit for this position. I have helped put on successful conferences. I love being surrounded by the exceptional people in our GIS Community. Please vote for me, as I run again this term.

At-Large (Vote for TWO)

Kate Smith

Kate is passionate about the intersection of GIS analysis and emergency management/emergency response. She spent 8 years at Salt Lake County Emergency Management/Unified Fire Authority as a GIS Specialist and Hazard Mitigation Planner, and is currently pursuing new opportunities in mitigation planning. She has also taught Spatial Analysis at Salt Lake Community College. She previously served as a member of the UGIC Board and UGIC Education Committee for Salt Lake County GIS Day. In 2013, she helped establish the Utah Mapping Emergency Technical Team (UMETT), a UGIC committee focused on best practices for GIS support for emergency response, and currently serves on the UMETT Coordinating Board. Kate has geography degrees from BYU and University of Utah. She enjoys road trips, backpacking, hiking, cycling, music, and quilting.

Personal Statement
Thank you for the nomination. The community created by UGIC has been foundational to my growth as a GIS professional. I appreciate the technical knowledge and camaraderie of my peers that both challenges and encourages me to excel in my work. As a board member, I would seek to continue promoting valuable professional development through events such as the annual conference and Maps on the Hill, as well look for other ways we can contribute to and support the work efforts of GIS users in Utah. My previous terms on the UGIC Board have given me experience that will help me keep current processes running smoothly, but I am also open to evaluating those processes to address changing needs and interests of the UGIC community.

Stan McShinsky

Stan McShinsky is a GIS Web Developer/Coordinator for Provo City. Stan enjoys building interesting maps like puzzles, augmented reality sandboxes, mazes and map art. Currently Stan develops web applications for various projects in the city. He has served on the UGIC board most recently as the UGIC Conference Chair. He graduated from BYU. Stan likes to play softball, go geocaching, hiking and play lots of Pickleball.

Personal Statement
For me, GIS is not just a job but a way of life. I see the different needs of those around me from coworkers to customers and I look for a way to fill that need through maps. By having a position on the board I believe I can clearly see the bigger picture and needs of those I come in contact with. I consistently push myself to improve my skills and learn new things. I like to think outside the box and believe I can bring a fresh perspective. Many GIS professionals have helped me along the way–from getting an internship to troubleshooting projects. I would appreciate the opportunity to be on the board again and have a way to contribute to the GIS community myself.

Joy Kaseke

Joy Kaseke is a senior GIS analyst for the Utah Department of Natural Resources in the Division of Wildlife Resources. In this role, she builds geospatial applications to monitor and track wildlife across the state, allowing for observation and protection of many species. She also creates spatial stories to inform and educate the public and partners on the importance of conservation and how it impacts the environment. Born and raised in Zimbabwe where weekend family trips to the nearby Eastern Highlands ignited her love of and technical interest in geography, Joy takes pride in helping preserve the natural beauty of the state so that Utahans and visitors from all over the world can experience and enjoy the outdoors for generations to come.

Joy graduated with a BS in Geography from BYU in 2017 and recently completed service on the Herriman City Planning Commission and as a board member for the Utah Chapter of The Wildlife Society. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis, cycling, snowboarding, hunting, and attempting to maintain a vegetable garden.

Joy was awarded a 2022 Rising Leaders Fellowship by Justice Outside, an organization aimed at increasing diversity and removing barriers to access to the outdoors for underrepresented populations. She hopes her selection to the UGIC board will be a pathway to building networks with and attracting more professionals of color to not only visit but contribute their expertise to the state, joining UGIC in its mission to provide a modern, accurate, documented, and accessible geospatial information infrastructure for all of Utah.

Michael Philp


  • Tackled Charles Barkley – 1993
  • GIS Degree from BYU – 2000
  • GIS Programmer/Analyst at Maricopa County – 2001->2005
  • GIS Administrator at Springville City – 2005->2019
  • Geospatial Product Lead at Novotx – 2019->Present
  • E-Bike rider, Lawn care enthusiast, Eater of all the spicy foods
  • World view informed by Guns N’ Roses 

Personal Statement
I accept the nomination to serve on the UGIC Board if elected because I love our Utah GIS community. UGIC is a group of very talented geospatial professionals. But more than that, UGIC has really cool people. I know the hard work required of the board members. Grassroots organizations like UGIC are only as strong as the members make them.
If the Utah GIS community would like me to serve on the UGIC board, I’m happy to devote my time and skills to support our super cool geo-geek organization.

Sarah Lindsey

I am a Utah native who loves using maps to explore and discover the diversity and natural beauty of our state. I graduated from the University of Utah with a B.S. in Geography, a minor in Business, and a certificate in GIS. I have worked for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources for 16 years as a Senior GIS Analyst and as the Data Manager for the Utah Natural Heritage Program. My work focuses on using geospatial technology to track the distribution of species of greatest conservation need, and getting the information into the hands of decision makers in order to protect threatened and endangered species, inform conservation actions, and to sustain Utah’s wildlife biodiversity for years to come.

Personal Statement
I have benefited from the many opportunities for training and networking that UGIC provides, and I would like to give back to the GIS community by serving on the UGIC board. I have experience working with GIS users from a variety of organizations as my work involves collaboration with federal and state agencies, local governments, law enforcement, private contractors, universities, students, and non-profit organizations. I would love to support these communities in the advancement of geographic information science and technology use, as well as promote geospatial education opportunities throughout Utah.

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