GIS Analyst – HDR

HDR is looking for an entry level GIS Analyst with a solid understanding of GIS, expertise with Esri software and the ability to combine science, aesthetics, and cartography to communicate spatial information effectively. Duties include working in a professional environment with a team of other analysts and GIS developers, engineers, environmental scientists and planners. The ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with remote team members and with individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, both technical and non-technical, is required. We are interested in someone who is passionate, self-motivated, and has a strong desire to research, learn and grow as a GIS professional; someone who can appropriately apply technology to solve problems and provide services to our clients. Successful candidates will be able to develop database schemas and analysis methods needed to support project goals and efficiently use web resources to research and problem solve. Our projects include geospatial solutions for desktop, web, and mobile.

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