Intensive FAA Part 107 Training at UGIC 2018



The Utah State University Aviation Program, Utah Geographic Information Council, UtahView, and the Utah State University Remote Sensing/GIS Laboratory are excited to present a two-day INTENSIVE continuing education course that will cover basic knowledge requirements to successfully complete the FAA Part 107 Knowledge Test2.

Using the ASA Test Preparation 2018 Remote Pilot Manual, USU Aviation Program instructors will cover topics including flight and ground safety, regulations, weather, national airspace, waivers, and FAA rules.

The course will be held on May 7th and 8th, as a pre-conference workshop to the annual 2018 UGIC Conference in Uintah Convention Center in Vernal, Utah.

The course will be uniquely structured to allow students access to instructors and to interact with other students for up to six weeks through the USU Canvas online course system. Additional study sessions may be scheduled after the two-day course to help students prepare for their exam. The exam must be completed in order to receive continuing education credit.

Do I need to be a member of UGIC or register for the whole conference?

No! While we would love it if you were a member of UGIC ( and were registered for the conference, you don’t have to do either. You can register to take the pre-conference training only. Select the Drone Part 107 – Intensive Training Course (USU) course at registration.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to up your UAS game! Sign up today!


1 Teachers and Students can receive a $150 discount. Only 10 discounts are available. Teachers, fill out this form (  to check eligibility and apply for your discount. Students, fill out this form ( to verify eligibility and apply for your discount.

2 The FAA Part 107 Knowledge Test will NOT be given as part of this course. Each student is required to schedule and complete the exam at a certified FAA testing center within five weeks. The costs associated with this course do not cover the cost of the FAA Part 107 Knowledge Test.

Questions? Contact Chris McGinty at

UGIC 2018 Call for Maps, Apps, and Posters


We know you’ve got skills, and NOW is your chance show them off at the 2018 UGIC Map, App, and poster gallery and competition in Vernal, Utah.

Haven’t Registered for UGIC 2018? No problem. Take care of that little detail on our REGISTRATION page.

UGIC 2018 would like to invite YOU to enter this year’s map, app, and poster gallery and competition.  Many of us do what we do because we love maps and this is your opportunity to show off your hard work to the greater Utah geospatial community!  There will be cash awards in the student categories.



  • CITIZEN ENGAGEMENT – Many of us work to transmit complex information to the public, and it isn’t easy! Show off your best citizen engagement map.
  • UTAH AS ART – Utah is beautiful. Show us your real cartography skills. No limits, but it must be of Utah – other geographies will be appreciated, but disqualified.
  • INTERACTIVE MAP – Exactly as it states. This MAP should be online, or otherwise digital, and should present information in a unique, clear, and engaging way. If you are submitting an interactive map, you need to provide a single 8.5″ x 11″ paper that contains your name, a title and description of your interactive creation, and a simple URL code (use, or similar to create a simple URL – or a scannable QR code will work).
  • SMALL MAP – We often have to produce maps that are letter size but must transmit, clearly, efficiently, and accurately, an extensive amount of information. This is your opportunity to show your best 8.5″ x 11″ map. There are no limits to the map topic, but the map must meet the noted dimensions.
  • PROFESSIONAL MAP – This category hosts the best of the best where professionals show us what hey have put together over the past year.
  • STUDENT MAP – Utah students are some of the most geographically and cartographically inclined. Show us what you’ve got!
  • STUDENT RESEARCH POSTERS – Not to be confused with a map, POSTERS depict research, methodologies, processes, and efforts generally undertaken via scholastic activities.


  • APPS– A category unto itself, geospatial applications may be mobile or desktop based. If you are submitting an app, you need to provide a single 8.5″ x 11″ paper that contains your name, a title and description of your application, and a simple URL code (use, or similar to create a simple URL – or a scannable QR code will work). Or, if the user needs to install the app, please direct them to the location to download the app.


  • BEST OVERALL MAP –  By simply entering a MAP or POSTER category, you are competing for the BEST. Keep that in mind!
  • THE STAN McSHINSKY AWARD – The man behind the legend, Stan Mcshinsky, has a category that is worthy only of his namesake. If you think you have what it takes, the creativity, the countless hours, the endurance to create a unique mapping work of art – bring it on. You don’t enter this category, this category finds you.
  • BEST STUDENT MAP – Are you a student? You could win bragging rights for the next 12 months about being awarded the best student map. The small $cash$ prize won’t hurt either. But, this is for students only! Sorry, no, a student of life won’t cut it. 
  • BEST STUDENT RESEARCH POSTER – Putting your best foot forward is important when explaining your research. Posters should clearly present the topic at hand, be readable (visible) from a short distance, and include maps and graphics (of course). Another opportunity for UGIC bragging rights and a small $cash$ prize.


Bring your hard copy maps and posters to the conference and submit them at the conference registration desk at the Uintah Conference Center in Vernal, Utah on Wednesday, May 9th.  If the map or poster is larger than 24” x 36” then you must provide your own foam core board or other mounting material.  Online maps/apps: Bring an 8.5 x 11” or 11 x 17″ sheet with a screenshot and short description, including the URL and a QR codeSee example.  Note: there are websites that will convert a URL to a QR code for free.


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