Congratulations to the 2017 Map Gallery winners!

Last week’s conference saw an impressive turnout of map gallery entries, and we all really enjoyed viewing all the maps. The choice was tough for conference attendees who voted for one entry in each category. Congratulations to the winners below:

Map as Art

Stan McShinsky



Citizen Engagement

Is Your Community at Risk From Wildfire?

Utah Forestry, Fire, and State Lands and Timmons Group

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Get the UGIC 2017 Mobile App

Welcome to 2017! The conference this year has a mobile app for all your pocket convenience.

To get the app:

  1. Download the Eventbase app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Search for “UGIC 2017“.
  3. Tap the event, then tap Enter Event.

Use the app for:

  • Conference Schedule
  • Breakout Abstracts
  • Networking Event Details

There is also a pdf of the program available, as well as an online schedule.

Introducing a revamped map gallery for the 2017 conference

Looking for a fresh reason to participate in the annual map gallery and contest at UGIC? We’ve got you covered with 5 new categories to inspire you! Maps by students, professionals, and anyone making maps from any disciplines or sector are welcome. The map gallery is an easy and low key way to get involved in the conference and open up a conversation with geospatial professionals.

The gallery is really just a great place to talk about what we all love, maps! Directions to participate in the gallery are at the bottom of this page.

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UGIC 2017 Pre-conference Workshop Details


 – Bring your own laptop! Software installation required prior to attending workshop.

Getting the Most Out of ArcGIS Online (Joseph Peters) 

Participants will learn, from Esri Solution Engineers, how to administer their organizational accounts from setting up groups and users to managing service credits, creating maps & apps, and sharing these products.  The workshop is hands-on with participants being given access to an ArcGIS Online organizational account that will be provided by Esri. Participants will create web maps for consumption in mobile apps, such as Collector for ArcGIS. Participants will also use Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS to build powerful GIS apps that run on any device. No coding required.

This is a hands-on workshop, and participants must bring their own laptop. Please note that ArcGIS Pro will be used for a portion of this class, so it is highly recommended that participants bring a laptop with a licensed version of ArcGIS Pro (1.4 or later) installed.

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Can We Be Honest With Each Other?

I think we’ve know each other long enough that we can be totally open and honest with each other (I reach over and touch you on the knee).  This is our pattern… First UGIC will make a big deal about some looming arbitrary abstract deadline (April 3rd, 2017) to present at UGIC 2017 in Park City.  Then as this psudo-deadline comes and goes, then the UGIC Board will magically extend the deadline a couple of weeks (April 17th, 2017) in an effort to make you think that you’ve been given a ‘second’ chance to do what you should have done in the first place.

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UGIC 2017 Registration is Now Open

The UGIC Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the 2017 UGIC conference will be held from May 8th through the 12th, 2017 at the Park City Marriott Hotel in Park City, Utah. The Park City Marriott is a modern,  beautiful and comfortable venue that is well equipped to serve the needs of the premiere geospatial conference in Utah. Historically the UGIC conference has been an incredible value for attendees who need to maximize every training dollar, and this year will be no exception. The UGIC Board has negotiated a very reasonable accommodations rate of $118 per night at the Marriott. UGIC Conference registration will be $345.



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